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About Fran

Original and unique artwork

My approach

I can transform spaces to create the atmosphere you need. Whether its a place of work, a social space or a children's hospital, it is essential for me to take your idea and make it reality.

In the ‘Beacon for kids’ for example my murals help captivate children with challenging learning disabilities and keep them calm and distracted while the doctors and nurses are examining them. The nurse was telling me that one little boy with severe autism, who hates enclosed spaces, sat for an entire hour looking at all the details I had added to an underwater scene. His parents were totally stunned and quite emotional at his reaction and were very thankful for the magical world I had created in this room.



Why do I paint?

The reason I paint murals is simple. I love it. This medium challenges and excites me every day. It’s so versatile and expressive and allows me as an artist to explore new ideas and techniques. Each mural I design is unique and always painted with the idea that it can withstand close inspection. Each work is original and this is important because it allows the work to always feel fresh. I always add my own little twist when I’m designing. If I can make a design quirky in some way I do. Working on a large scale is so satisfying and because I work fast its quite physical too, so it keeps my body active as well as my mind. Detail is all important to me I love nothing more than getting lost in this when I’m painting.

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