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How much will it cost

I'm often asked how much a mural will cost. This depends on many factors. How large is the wall. How detailed is the design. Is the area easily accessible. Once I have assessed all of these factors I can then cost the job more accurately. I also ask how much the client wants to spend. This probably the most important question. I can tailor a design to any particular budget. Costs can start from as little as a few hundred euro right up to thousands, depending on whats needed.

How long will it take

The time it takes to paint a mural can vary. I intuitively know the most efficient way to plan and paint any project now, so as I achieve maximum productivity. For example, The assassins creed mural took approximately 88hrs to paint from start to finish. I spent ten days on this particular mural. Others can be just a few days. It really depends on the level of detail involved.

Materials used

I always use water based paints when I'm painting murals. A mix of Matt finish emulsion paint and artists acrylic are best for large scale work. They dry fast and have fantastic coverage. The artists acrylic are great for details and are the most important element when painting anything vibrant. There are also several types of brushes needed which vary from specialised mural brushes to fine art brushes for close up work. Ladders and scaffold and even a scissor might be needed on site to reach tricky areas. 

Protecting a mural

 A specialised matt finish varnish can be used to protect mural work where needed and is perfect for areas like swimming pools or hospitals. All my varnishes and paints are fire rated and are safe to use on any building site or premises.

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